Legal Services

Compassionate representation
for life’s most important matters

Discover some of the areas of law that Hannah Miller can help you navigate. Practicing in a smaller county has its advantages, and Hannah has established herself as a respected and capable attorney among her peers in several areas of law.

Whether it’s a marital separation or a traffic citation, most clients don’t know what to do first, or how to work the court system. Let Hannah Miller stand up for you. She will use her experience and reputation to get results.

Core Legal Services

Family, Divorce, Custody & Separation

From drafting separation agreements to negotiating child custody, attorney Hannah Miller knows North Carolina family law, and has the experience to help you get the results you want. Never sell yourself short, and let Hannah do the legal work to make sure difficult legal decisions are made safely and with solid advice.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is cyclical, and sometimes it takes an outside perspective to break that cycle. Let attorney Hannah Miller show you your options on dealing with domestic violence so you can protect yourself, your children, and your financial situation.


Whether you are fostering a child, or are just looking to adopt, let Hannah Miller guide you through the process. By knowing the law, and the local practices, Hannah Miller will be able to assist you expand your family.

Criminal & Juvenile Law

With her wide experience in the adult and juvenile court system, Hannah Miller can help you understand your rights and how to make a decision that will protect your record, license, and even insurance policies.

Estate Planning

Put your mind at ease today by planning for the future. Estate planning is about passing on assets, but it’s also about not leaving a mess behind for your friends and family to clean up. With Hannah Miller, you can create a guidebook so your loved ones know exactly what your wishes are.